Thursday, 28 August 2014

smells of nostalgia

marinid tombs

If you walk up to the top of the hill supporting the Marinid Tombs, you will find yourself at one of my favourite spots in Fes. Faced with some cracking views, visit just before sunset. But don't stay too late; the area attracts some characters come nightfall.
We met two boys on our way up, who told us to "broaden our minds," when we refused to join them for coffee. As amusing as this was, it just happens all too often to girls the world over. Come on, boys, you're not fooling anyone. There is no respect left for people who use insults in response to rejection.

We managed to get to the top without further harassment, and walked into the remains of a rather enormous tomb left by the Marinids, a structure maybe two stories high and pretty spacious. Whilst I was stood inside imagining what kind of superstar this tomb commemorated, my friend and I minding our own business really, or you know, the Marinids' business, when we sensed that we were being watched.

We swung around at the signal of a male voice, only to find an older teenage boy halfway up the wall, making his presence known. A bit confused, but impressed by his Spiderman skills, we let him do his thing. He's the one in the top picture, on top of the world...

volubilis aka walili

If you get a chance to visit the nearby Roman remains of the ancient city of Volubilis, do. 

finding food in fes

I'm not going to lie to you. The food in Morocco has been somewhat of a disappointment. If you're thinking of coming here on a budget, that's fine, it can work. But if you pay a bit more for the food, it will probably taste better. 

The Ruined Garden Cafe
A delightful treasure at the end of what can only be described as an endless tunnel of teasing signs. This place is run by a talented Robert Johnstone, who, using local foods, makes not-so-traditional dishes to suit a more western clientele. Our tastebuds were grateful.

Terrace Cafe
A beautiful place to eat right by Bab Boujloud, this one was still cheap but tasty! They make really good fish and chips. So good, that I had to escape the terrace one evening as a hungry cat came sniffing it out. Don't worry, it got my leftovers...

realities of life: conversations

There are many things that you can only learn through conversation.